Guidance and Support for the College Application Essay

Note to Parents

The process of helping your child apply to college can be very challenging. Managing expectations while providing informed guidance and emotional support, as needed, is important. While I need to establish a professional working relationship with your child, based on trust and respect, if there is information about your child that you feel it is essential that I know, please call me at 917-513-8079 or email hughlinda510@gmail.

I can work with your child in the comfort of your home while practicing social distance guidelines (outside, if you prefer) or remotely via Zoom, FaceTime or Google. Outside on my porch is also an option. I am available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 pm to 8 pm. In-person sessions are one hour each.

The best essays take time, and usually will require several re-writes. It is important to try to carve out adequate time in your child’s schedule to devote to this process. For most students, three to four hour long sessions with an equivalent time spent writing in between sessions will be enough. Some kids need more time, and some much less. If your child is an athlete, musician, or performer, and they have practice or rehearsal every day after school, you might want to begin the essay writing process during the summer, or before their season starts.