Guidance and Support for the College Application Essay

My Story

Having gone through the college application process with both of my sons, I know first hand the procrastination, frustration and anxiety that can arise for kids… and their parents.

It’s the rare student who takes delight in writing the essay portion of the Common Application. And it’s rarer still for a parent to be able to provide assistance with this challenging process without contributing more tension to what can be an emotionally charged endeavor.

Sometimes, you need to bring in the professionals!

I have a BA in English from Connecticut College, and did graduate work at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

My previous employment includes a position in the Office of the President at NYU and Columbia University’s Law School where I did speechwriting and grant writing, and produced marketing materials. I volunteered for five years with the Writers’ Room in the Montclair Public Schools. I have two children; the eldest graduated from Whitman College, and the youngest is a freshman at Columbia University.